Welcome to Donna Johnson Personal Training

We offer personal training across Manchester and Cheshire; including Stockport and South Manchester. With our truly personalised services and tailored programmes, you are certain to achieve your fitness and nutrition goals, whatever they may be.

You are unique!

At Donna Johnson Personal Training, we’ll treat you as an individual and work with you to find the best programme for your needs. We’ll consider your lifestyle holistically and by conducting a full fitness assessment, we’ll support you in your own fitness and nutrition goal-setting. We’ll work with you to plan a weekly schedule that’s flexible, varied and effective. Regular goal reviews and fitness assessments throughout your programme will ensure you’re on the way to success.

What’s more, we’ll come to you!

We offer training indoors or outdoors, at work or at home, the choice is yours. You can train with friends, colleagues or go solo. Whatever your requirements we’ll always aim to exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the many options available please call, text or send an email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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About Us


The team
The Team


I’m Donna, Personal Trainer and Founder of Donna Johnson Personal Training.IMG_2476[1273]

I’m a lifelong fitness enthusiast and have been fortunate enough to turn my own hobby into a fulfilling and rewarding career. Having spent over 10 very enjoyable years working in the Education and Cultural sectors, in many different senior leadership roles, I found the true meaning of ‘living to work’ not ‘working to live’ in the world of fitness. My scientific and academic background, combined with professional workplace coaching experience, are all attributes that I use in my dedicated approach to my clients.

I believe that exercise should be inclusive not exclusive and staying fit and healthy should be enjoyable not a chore.  Easier said than done? Well, it all starts with a simple decision to move more, eat well and be happy.

I feel privileged when I work with clients and witness changes. Not just physical change but importantly changes in confidence, motivation and lifestyle. I think I’ve done my job properly when clients are happy, fit and empowered to maintain their hard-earned successes independently.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can support you with your fitness and nutrition, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!


  • BSc (Hons) Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry, University of Nottingham (First Class)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education- Secondary Science, Keele University (Masters)
  • Level 3 Personal Training, Active iQ
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructing, Active iQ
  • Emergency First Aid, St John Ambulance
  • CPD includes: Tri-planar Kettlebells, Powerclubs, Suspension training, Medicine ball, Obesity myths and Fuelling physical activity



I’m Glinys, the Registered Nutritional Therapist at Donna Johnson Personal Training.

I have spent over 38 years working in the Health sector. I specialise in Diabetes and work as a specialist nurse within the NHS supporting patients to take back control of their lives through diet and lifestyle modifications.

I also work as a lecturer, tutor and consultant for various private healthcare organisations and businesses.

My practise in Nutrition is natural and holistic. There are so many mixed messages about the ‘right diet’ but we are all different …all unique. I like to start with very simple principles of real, unprocessed food and then adapt to find what fits my Client’s ‘Blueprint’. By using the Functional Medicine Matrix, which looks at the body as a whole, it becomes possible to direct recommendations that are appropriate to the individual, not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.


  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practise, Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Diploma Naturopathic Nutrition, College of Naturopathic Medicine
  • Mentorship In Clinical Practice, Staffordshire University
  • DESMOND Educator Training and Accreditation, Leicester University
  • Warwick Certificate in Diabetes Care, Warwick University
  • Registered Nurse, North Staffordshire Hospitals
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Prices & Packages

All of our packages include a FREE consultation and goal-setting session, comprehensive fitness assessments, nutritional analysis and advice as well as a long term programme and weekly session plans. You’ll receive regular reviews throughout your programme and we’re always at the end of the phone when you need us for advice, coaching and support.

For Online Coaching read more here


Personal training across Manchester and Cheshire; including Stockport and South Manchester

All options include FREE 30 minute consultation

Choose either:

  • individual session (1 hour) £35

Or pay in blocks to reduce the cost

  • 4 sessions £130 (£32.50 per session)
  • 8 sessions £240 (£30 per session)
  • 12 sessions £330 (£27.50 per session)

When purchasing in blocks, a minimum of one session must be taken per week.


Group training (up to 4 people*) across Manchester and Cheshire; including Stockport and South Manchester

All options include FREE 30 minute consultation

Choose either:

  • individual session (1 hour) £45

Or pay in blocks to reduce the cost

  • 4 sessions £170 (£42.50 per session)
  • 8 sessions £320 (£40 per session)
  • 12 sessions £450 (£37.50 per session)

When purchasing in blocks, a minimum of one session must be taken per week.

*For groups of over 4 people, each additional group member will be charged a sum which is a proportion of the block payment. For example, a group of 5 people wishing to secure 12 sessions would pay £450 (for the 4 people) plus an extra £112.50 (£450 / 4) for the 5th group member. 


Get in touch for more information. We aim to cater for any budget so please feel free to ask! 

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“I would highly recommend training with Donna. My programme is always tailored to the right exercises for me – it pushes me each session without feeling beyond my ability, and she has such a broad and deep knowledge of exercise that she can adapt it on the spot if she needs to. The programme changes every fortnight to keep me interested and motivated, and I can feel the progression. She’s encouraging, approachable and positive, and I’ve seen the benefits in my level of fitness and wellbeing. If you’re thinking about personal training with Donna, try it – you’ll not look back.”

Alice, 42


“I’d lost any self motivation, but knew I wanted to make some positive changes. I saw Donna’s fb post and decided to sign myself up! I haven’t looked back – absolutely love my sessions with Donna. She’s very easy to get along with and makes you feel comfortable. Outside of my session, she’s also given me some nutritional advice and pulled together some Gym sessions to help me work towards my goals. As we head in to Christmas, I know just by having those weekly sessions, it’ll help me stay focussed to avoid that post Christmas feeling. It’s also worth adding that she doesn’t judge – for me this isn’t a quick fix, it’s about finding things that stick. Can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Claire, 42


“Donna is extremely professional and always has a smile on her face – even at 6.30am! It’s obvious she has a huge passion for her job and every workout is different and varied so it never gets boring. I also love the fact that we can work out in the park. She is very motivational and encouraging whilst working you to the max every time. She’s also very thorough and goes the extra mile to go through food diaries in detail and each workout is individually tailored. Definitely much more than I’ve had with other PTs. Would highly recommend.”

Jo, 50


“Well I never usually give feedback so publicly unless deserved and I have to say, Donna is amazing, her sessions are focused on what we want to achieve and she has a knack of making me feel comfortable when embarking on an exercise journey (something I feel very unconfident about) and goes without saying I am already feeling the results. The extra advice around food/ nutrition and the thorough individual measurements helping to keep us focused. Most highly recommend this lady”

Heather, 39 and Ron, 52 


“Donna has gently but determinedly guided me from uber unfit to having hope of a healthier future over the last six weeks on her Summer Sizzler programme. I’ve got a long way to go but am proud of what I’ve achieved so far. Great job Donna – let’s crack on with the next six weeks!”

Pat, 56


“I have just completed 6 week course with Donna and I can highly recommend her as a PT. She invests a lot of time and research into bespoke training plans which she structures to ensure progression over the course of the plan. So each session you are challenged a bit harder so there is definitely no resting on your laurels! Donna has taught me new exercises,shown me the correct techniques and generally reinvigorated me and my attitude to exercise!”

Naomi, 38


“Donna has been my PT since April this year and it’s been the best decision I have made and has been such a worthwhile investment in my health and wellbeing which I will be continuing. I have clear goals and have seen results both in the shape, weight and generally how I feel. My teenage daughter has joined in too so we work together and its utterly brilliant…If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer I would highly recommend the amazing Donna….she is a hard taskmaster – it’s blinkin’ really hard work but I feel so good afterwards!”

Deborah, 52


“I came to Donna Johnson Personal Training with a really specific set of goals that I wanted to achieve. I wanted to be fit enough to return to 11aside football as well as make muscular gains and lose fat for aesthetics. I was struggling with my understanding of what was required to make these gains even though I’d been involved in fitness and professional sport for most of my life.

In just eight weeks Donna helped me realise exactly where I was going wrong. I increased my leg strength from only being able to leg press 140kg to 170kg. I also stripped 45 seconds from my 1.5 mile run, which was one of my initial goals to allow me to try to compete with footballers up to 10 years younger than me. Donna designed my programme to progress perfectly every two weeks so the gains I was making occurred without plateau and the usual frustration I’d been experiencing previously.

Donna ensures that your form is perfect whilst exercising and closely monitors your gains and losses via my own client record. I could see all my work paying off as the weeks progressed which helped me stay motivated.

Donna Johnson is a brilliant Personal Trainer with exceptional enthusiasm for her work and she’s definitely a perfectionist when it comes to programme design and analysis. I can’t wait to see the results after another eight week programme!”

Michael, 34


‘I’ve never had much confidence when it comes to exercise, especially in a gym setting, but Donna coached me over 12 weeks to build up my knowledge of each exercise, the correct and safe way to perform each and every move. She explained exactly what parts of the body I was working and why each exercise was right for me and my lifestyle.

Not every machine or weight at the gym is for me and importantly I now realise that nobody is bothered what I look like- I’m so much more confident!

I now combine workouts in the garden with runs or walks with Donna, then some swimming and light resistance work at the gym on a weekly basis and I’ve never felt better or younger!’

Karen, 57


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