How to fight belly fat the science way

It’s a modern day problem that seems to hit us as we get older; sometimes called ‘The Middle Age Spread’. No, not a medieval invasion but an increased and unwanted settling of fat around the mid-section (arguably even more gruesome and unwanted than the aforementioned historic invasion).

Clearing the fitness fog: what’s right for me?

The world of fitness can be a confusing and crowded place to explore. As well as the many ‘experts’, with their quick fix tips, we also have an ever-growing number of new and exciting fitness groups, clubs and camps on offer. All of the conflicting fitness advice and the myriad of training options available online can leave you feeling baffled, bewildered and fed up with the whole endeavour. So here’s a breakdown of a few of the training options out there; with the costs, benefits and the drawbacks of each. I hope this sheds some light on the matter!

Common-sense swaps for a healthier summer

As the temperature rises, the days get longer, the weather sunnier, and we slowly attempt to peel off each layer of winter clothing, it generally follows that we become more aware of the benefits of a healthy diet and a new exercise regime. This is great! There’s nothing better than a jog around the park … Continue reading Common-sense swaps for a healthier summer

‘Small, everyday changes that make a big difference’

As you’ll know from my previous post, I’m a strong believer in common sense fitness and nutrition. So what does that actually mean? It’s simple really; move more, eat well, be happy. As my old Chemistry teacher used to say: ‘Keep it simple, stupid’. I believe that some small lifestyle changes can make a difference. … Continue reading ‘Small, everyday changes that make a big difference’