How to overcome your ‘Post-Summer Slump’

Summer may seem like a distant memory as the leaves turn red, the warm breeze develops a bite and the days get shorter. However, the effects of your summer-time over-indulgence and under-activity may be very real and very present. Having just returned from a late summer holiday myself I have had time to reflect on exactly how difficult it can be to get back into the healthy living routine, especially when you’ve had a few weeks of living in the ‘eat what you want, when you want’ mentality. So, I decided to write down the things that help me to kick back into action and ditch the 'holiday mode'. You might be struggling to find the energy or motivation to make change so here are my top tips to combat the post-summer slump.

Calorie match: How far would you run for a burger?

Counting calories isn’t a sustainable or particularly pleasant way to manage your weight over time; however, it is important to have a general awareness of how much energy you’re taking in vs. how much energy you’re expending throughout the day, for weight management and a healthy lifestyle. Many of our common treats, meals or beverages of choice can come laden with excessive calories that we are often unaware of. Even if we do have a knowledge of calorie content do we really understand what that means in practise? Well, a good way to put it all in context is to compare them to the calories we burn when carrying out various tasks or exercises. So here are a few comparisons to get you started. WARNING: Some of these may surprise you!

A beginners guide: Your own home gym for less than a club membership!

If you’ve ever asked the question, ‘Am I wasting money on my membership?’ then read on…. Even the cost of the cheapest gym memberships mount up over the course of a year; anything between £120 and upwards of £600 annually! Now for some of us that investment is worthwhile; if you visit the gym more … Continue reading A beginners guide: Your own home gym for less than a club membership!