How to fight belly fat the science way

It’s a modern day problem that seems to hit us as we get older; sometimes called ‘The Middle Age Spread’. No, not a medieval invasion but an increased and unwanted settling of fat around the mid-section (arguably even more gruesome and unwanted than the aforementioned historic invasion).

My top 10 fat-blasting moves to try today

I thought I'd share with you my top 10 hybrid HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) moves to get the heart pumping and those calories burning! But it's not just great for burning fat; interval training can also increase your VO2max (the amount of oxygen your body can use and an indicator of cardio fitness), reduce your lactate accumulation (so you can train harder, for longer) and increase enzyme activity to reduce fatigue. All of these exercises can be done without any equipment, but for some of them you can add dumbbells to add extra resistance if you like. I'll point out an easier and a harder version of each exercise as we go along, so you can adapt them as you like. Enjoy!