Good habits for a healthier lifestyle

We are creatures of habit. Habits help us move through our day without having to fully engage in a task that we repeat regularly. We are so well rehearsed at some tasks we can be busy daydreaming, planning or pondering without giving any conscious thought to the immediate task in hand. Have you ever suddenly come around from an all-consuming daydream only to find you’ve made it to your destination without barely a conscious thought about the route, the practicalities of driving, or the other unsuspecting drivers on the road? That's the power of a habit. You have dozens, maybe even hundreds of habits. Habits can be time-savers and some are very useful. Others can be time-wasters or just plain destructive. So how do you know which of your activities are habits; which do you keep and which do you ditch? Here are a few steps to help you reach your conclusion.

How to fight belly fat the science way

It’s a modern day problem that seems to hit us as we get older; sometimes called ‘The Middle Age Spread’. No, not a medieval invasion but an increased and unwanted settling of fat around the mid-section (arguably even more gruesome and unwanted than the aforementioned historic invasion).

‘Small, everyday changes that make a big difference’

As you’ll know from my previous post, I’m a strong believer in common sense fitness and nutrition. So what does that actually mean? It’s simple really; move more, eat well, be happy. As my old Chemistry teacher used to say: ‘Keep it simple, stupid’. I believe that some small lifestyle changes can make a difference. … Continue reading ‘Small, everyday changes that make a big difference’